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pinkfloyd1234 has started a donation pool!
85 / 500
Yup im taking commisions for some points!
SOOO Here's the deal peoples :3
Ever want to see your character as a sprite but dont know how to even work them??
Im your man :D

Points per Sprite:10 :points:

Half sheet(1 idle, 1 attack, 1 walking/running):25 :points:

Whole sheet(Complete with 2 idles, 3 attacks, Defense, Hurt AND Jumping sprites):50 :points:

Extras to full sheet:10:points:.

Pixel Art: 60 :points:

Stamps:30 :points:

SOOO yesh pleeeeease help me out! :3

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  • :iconshadamysnumberonefan:
    Donated Jan 27, 2013, 8:26:15 PM
  • :iconshadamysnumberonefan:
    Donated Jan 27, 2013, 1:22:58 PM
  • :iconshadamysnumberonefan:
    Donated Jan 23, 2013, 1:45:54 PM



Taremon and Tarantom by pinkfloyd1234
Taremon and Tarantom
Both are ghost/poison types
Taremon evolves into tarantom at lvl 30

Taremon pokedex entry: Taremon are usually found in industrial areas scaring workers. It is very michevous. Some say its a Pokemon forged from tar, Others say it's the ghost of a worker who died after being drowned in tar. No one knows.

Tarantom's pokedex entry: This Pokemon resides in abandoned cities, Feasting on garbage and what ever rodents reside there.
It gets very aggressive at night and if someone trespasses on its terrortority the last thing they'll see are glowing red eyes in the darkness.

Movesets coming soon
Serpanire(Fakemon) by pinkfloyd1234
A brand new Fakemon that i created at random

Serpanire is a Fire/Poison type Pokemon.

Pokedex entry: Normally found in volcanic areas this Pokemon likes to live in lava.
When hunting down prey it will coil it's body around the prey to trap it then bite it, releasing a poison into said prey, Killing it immediatly.

Found at lvl 30

moves known upon capture:
Fire Fang
Poison Sting
Tail Whip

Moves it can learn:
Fire Blast
(more coming soon)
All of my Pokemon OC's and Fakemon by pinkfloyd1234
All of my Pokemon OC's and Fakemon
Here are all the pokemon related sprites
From left to Right
Trainers: Gretchen(based off a RL friend) Cobalt(Pokemon Champion) Kimmy(based off an old friend) Me Lizz(Based off of :icondorkeus: )

Pokemon: Preight(flying/Dark) Shadawk(flying/Dark) Bouldrapillar(Bug/Rock) Pawqua(water starter) Flameow(Fire Starter) Grovin(Grass Starter) Bouldrasect(bug/Rock) Splashird(Water/Flying) Siclegon(ice/Dragon)
Anyone who has a 3ds should add me. My friend code is 1736-1659-8118 leave your friend code in comment below :) I also have a new YouTube channel called CBZ Plays where I do gameplay videos with a friend of mine. It would be awesome of you could subscribe :)
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pinkfloyd1234's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Yo guys the name is PinkFloyd1234
Thanks for coming to my page! you rock haha!

im a sprite artist and have been for over a year now xD and i would say im pretty good!
I also voice act for stuff on youtube.

DA best friends

Icon created by :icondorkeus:<3
She's a really talented artist. you guys should go check her out!

Slade's bio

Slade always had a good life. loving parents, a great place to live. that is up until the age of 5.
a few days after his 5th birthday he was sleeping. everything was silent, He woke up to get a glass of water, everything seemed normal until he walked into the living room.
what he saw was something no kid should see. his mother on the floor dead. and in front of him standing over her was his father.
He let out a scream as his father looked back at him, his eyes completely black.
His father just laughed and disappered into the darkness.
thats when slade made up his mind. he would fight any demon.many supernatural being that did harm to others. all the while searching for the one who took his parents away.
He trained for many years while also looking out fir his little sister jewel.

9 years later he finally found the demon.
The battle was fierce. as they were fighting some of the demons blood seeped into the wounds he had gotten as a result of the fight. this resulted in him gaining the abilities of a demon, giving him the status of half hedgehog half demon.
unfourtunatly the demon was never found after that.

Today Slade protects the innocent from all things that go bump in the night as he searches for the demon who took his family and also protecting his sister and friends

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